Solar Eclipse Luncheon and Quilt Auction

Monday August 21, 2017 Covenant Point Camp and Retreat Center will be in the path of the 2017 Eclipse Across America.  We are combining this once in a lifetime event with a Quilt Auction and Luncheon to celebrate 20 years of summer camp and to support the camp facilities and scholarships that we offer the youth who enjoy summer camp at Camp Covenant Point.

10am – More than 10 amazing quilts will be auctioned off with additional silent auction table will go on throughout the day with items donated from Missouri Union Presbytery churches.
11am – Then as the Quilt auction action dies down, the all you can eat amazing luncheon from our locally famous camp cook will be served
11:45am – the shadow starts to fall upon the grounds.
1pm – Lunch will end and everyone should be using their solar viewing glasses and should find a space outside on our 160 acres
@1:12pm – Experience the 2 and a half minutes of total solar eclipse, while the moon is covering the entire disk of the sun is the only time that you can slip off your glasses and peek at how eerie it is for the sun to disappear in the middle of the day.  Keep your glasses close because although our totality is one of the longer ones across the USA once the flares start showing around the moons disk you need them back on.

We are offering Covenant Point as a family friendly viewing location and feel that this is a once in a lifetime experience that follows closely with our vision of being a place to get away from the everyday to connect with God and one another.


Online Reservations – The lodging rates and availability are listed and reservations are made available thru our summer camp registration software  The rates are all based on our normal fees with one Adult Admission included in every lodging price for the person signing up.(Note, because of the limitations of using our summer camp registration software for lodging reservations for this you will enter your name twice and your age and grade are requested at different points, if you feel uncomfortable giving your age just use Jan 1, 2017 for your birthday)  All additional people attending, that means everyone entering Covenant Point Camp and Retreat Center Property, we will be checking as you arrive and giving out wristbands that must be worn, must have a ticket purchased for them to be on site August 21st. Adult admission includes ability to bid on quilts in the live auction and for items in the silent auction, all you can eat lunch, and solar viewing glasses as well as various camp activities like canoeing and swimming that will be available at designated times on Monday.

Lodging – We are offering several options of lodging to help make this experience more attainable.  We are not a full service campground so our RV sites and tent sites will be limited and our cabin facilities have a centrally located bathhouse that ranges from a short to moderate walk, if you need an attached bathroom to your sleeping quarters bring your own RV.  The RV sites have full hook ups (water, sewer, & 30amp electric) but are all very close together on one edge of the main parking lot and we are suggesting that you plan to stay the night after just because logistically with the parking lot structure you will not be able to leave easily until after the parking lot clears out Monday evening.


Tent Sites and Policies – The tent reservations are per tent, if your group will be bringing more than one tent please purchase a tent site for each tent you will be bringing.  2 night tent sites will be near but designated separately from 1st night tent sites.  1st night tent sites will need to be completely packed up and removed from the sites so that there will be space in the field for viewing the solar eclipse by 11am on Monday August 21, 2017.  We are making tent sites available for convenience of people attending the Quilt Auction and Luncheon to support Covenant Point Camp and Retreat Center, we are primarily a youth summer church camp and so our facilities for camping are limited.  There are only 6 fire pits and no fires will be allowed on the ground so please expect to share your campfire.  Also the shower and toilet facilities are limited in the main tent area to 2 for men and 2 for women. We are offering what we can for this once in a lifetime experience.
Check-In – Check in will be anytime after 9am on the day of your checkin with the exception of the 2nd night cabins.  Due to the eclipse all bedding and equipment must stay in your car until 5pm if you are arriving on August 21,2017 for a 2nd night cabin stay.  Check out is at 4pm and you are expected to leave the cabins and camp sites better than you found them.  We will be utilizing volunteers to help check cabins and collect trash but we can only function thru the responsible use and shared caretaking of our facility.  If you would like a cabin for both nights just be sure to register for the same size cabin for both the 1st and 2nd nights, otherwise you will probably have to move during the eclipse.
We appreciate your interest in getting away from your everyday to experience this complete solar eclipse and support Covenant Point Camp and Retreat Center and we pray that you will connect with God and one another here and be able to take a positive experience home with you.  In order for this to happen for all of us in this place we require the use of designated smoking areas, and prohibit the possession of alcohol or drugs on Covenant Point property.  Thank you for your understanding and respect in these matters.
Be sure to get your tickets before August 12th so that we have enough food.  Direct any questions to Rob and we will try to work with you.
See you at Camp!